Blue Water Trimaran

Circumnavigation Equipment

Planesail was lavishly equipped for a 2002 circumnavigation by Trevor Jones, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. See History.

This page contains only a partial list of equipment for a circumnavigation, see the Full Specification.


Liferafts Two 6 man liferafts.
Man Overboard Rescue Jon Buoy with remote, push button, activation from helm.
Man Overboard MOBi-lert electronic detection, with 8 Personal Transmitters.
Fire 3 Chubb automatic systems protecting the 3 engine spaces.
Mobility Inflatable slide with gas cylinder for the disabled.
Instrumentation Full complement of Raytheon instrumentation for sailing boats.
Communication Inmarsat C.
Solar Panels 6 Solarex solar panels.
Engine Start 3 x 12V batteries can be linked to start any engine. 12V Booster pack. Mains powered engine starter power pack.
Stern Glands Two Volvo seals fitted in 2011. Totally dry bilges now.
Propellers Two Brunton Autoprop feathering propellers.
Antifouling Extra coat of Coppercoat added 2011.
Watertight Bulkheads 3 per hull, plus an additional collision bulkhead at each end of each float.
Escape Hatch Escape hatch below bridgedeck in case of capsize.
Dinghy Inflatable with 4hp outboard.