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Some Interesting Rigs

Illan Gonen's Omer Wingsail
Gary Hoyt's Offset Rig
John Marples' Diamond Rig
Slieve McGalliard's Split Rig
Arne Kverneland's Cambered Panel Junk Rigs
Richard Glanville's Freewing designs

Are you looking to showcase your fantastic new Rig?

Planesail is currently located in the Algarve, Portugal. an ideal sailing playground with easy access to international flights.

Planesail offers:

  1. Stunning looks - a James Bond trimaran.
  2. Royal pedigree.
  3. Central turret designed for a rotating, unstayed rig.
  4. Ideal as a rig demonstration platform.
  5. Ready to go anywhere in the world, in luxury.
  6. Proven track record.
  7. Ultra stable demonstration platform.
  8. Very wide side decks for corporate entertaining.
DNC Ltd. also seeks technology partners who have:
  1. Flexible or fabric solar photovoltaic cell technology.
  2. Yacht waste treatment equipment.
If you are interested in becoming a JV partner please contact us.