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ZigZag Rig Design Brief

ZigZag Rig Design Brief (PDF) (2 Dec 2011).

Twin Genoa Design Brief

Twin Genoa Design Brief (PDF) (12 Dec 2010).

Twin Genoa drawing exported from Sketchup.

Twin Genoa Rig

Google Sketchup file of above dated 9 Dec 2010.

Calculations (Excel format, dated 12 Dec 2010).

Download Google Sketchup

SketchUp Intro Notes (PDF) .

Corporate Sponsorship

Opportunities exist for corporate sponsorship of the Twin Genoa Rig.
  1. James Bond looking craft.
  2. Ultra stable corporate entertainment platform.
  3. Very wide side decks for corporate entertaining.
  4. Royal pedigree.
  5. Ready to go anywhere in the world in luxury.