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Comparing the Rigid and the Omer Soft Wingsail

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Congratulations to Ilan over his Wally Yacht Licencing deal!

Compare Advantages

Rigid Wingsail

Omer Soft Wingsail

High efficiency - lowest sail area.

Trial sail now.

Tracks wind shifts without requiring any power source.

Available now.

Sets speed records.

Reefable, stowable, removable.

Military uses, e.g. autonomous vessels.

Standard components, so easy to repair, maintain and replace.

James Bond looking.

More afordable.


More Wingsail area for downwind sailing.






Easy to install.


No slip rings required as manual unraveling can be performed whilst under way.


Manual backup system is a mainsheet.


Compare Disadvantages

Rigid Wingsail

Omer Soft Wingsail

No trial sail available.

When hoisting, reefing, and stowing the wing, the crew is exposed to danger and rough weather.

Long design / develop / build cycle before delivery.

Requires a mainsheet or a powered mechanism to trim the sail.

Cannot remove Wingsail in a storm.

Requires a mechanism to set the wing camber.

Extremely violent snatching at marina.  Chafes or breaks mooring lines.

Messy raising and lowering the 3 cloth panels (leading edge, port and starboard) which make up the sail.

Uncomfortable veering at a mooring or at anchor. Needs extra swinging room to keep clear of neighbouring boats. Unsuitable for a liveaboard boat.

Less James Bond looking.

Higher cost (much of it R & D).


Specialized repair and maintenance.


Slip rings are required.


Manual hand operation cables are required.