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Zefyr Wingsail

The Planesail trimaran is 57 feet long and was built in 1990. Planesail weighs 16 tons and has twin 36 HP diesels.

Zefyr trimarans are 43 ft long. Four Zefyrs were built between 1995 and 2000. All 4 Zefyrs are still sailing.

Planesail and Zefyr sailing together.

The Zefyr Wingsail was a development of the Planesail Wingsail.
Both Wingsails are based on the Kellner-Bechereau full span slot to achieve high lift at low wind speeds.
The Walker Wingsails are of composite construction, with doped cloth stretched and shrunk over ribs.
View Zefyr Wingsail drawing as a PDF.

Zefyr Wingsail

Some aspects of the Zefyr Wingsail design are: